Comprehensive solutions for waste management

Commercial rescue for the natural environment

Ecological source of alternative energy

We help to create a new global eco-system by processing any organic waste into commercially viable energy

Planetary Business Philosophy

It is also absolutely clear for us that the work of raising awareness, with all its emotional wishes and demands, must be urgently followed by real action, successfully imbedded in commercial reality of the global economy.

Business thinking of our group team is therefore passionately conditioned by the total environmental performance and long-term economic sustainability of all commercial applications derived from our in-house technological innovations.

Commergy Seramat Group turns organic waste into ecological source of alternative energy with a positive net impact on the natural environment.

Intelligent Technological Approach

Everything we do is deeply rooted in the concept of energy equivalent, with an objective to achieve maximum conversion ratio.

Our in-house technological designs are always based on principles of efficiency, mobility and scalability. There are no chemical additives and only natural minerals are used as the catalysts.

All production processes are very ecological, free from any fumes, odors or emissions (usually connected to the combustion process), with the exception of minute amounts of CO2 from heating the reactors.

Each standard production line has a modular form with use of several second-hand containers, which allows for far-reaching flexibility in adapting to specific local requirements, with a maximum application of simple and well proven components used in other, less sophisticated installations.

The mobility and scalability of all operating solutions offered by Commergy Seramat Group, combined with their incomparable commercial efficiency, allow for effective reduction of the environmental pollution from difficult types of waste.

Sound Commercial Solutions

The CCC process (also referred to as “thermolysis”, in contrast to the well-known and long- practiced “pyrolysis) involves thermochemical decomposition of organic materials while avoiding any form of incineration (in the conditions that ensure no access of oxygen), thanks to which simultaneous changes take place in the chemical structure (molecular chains) and physical form of the input material.

In order to enable this process and to increase production of liquid fuel, de-oiling takes place in the reactor in the presence of specially chosen mineral catalysts, within a relatively very low temperature range and with energy consumption level of only around 10%.

The result of the CCC process is the production of liquid fuel, similar to natural oil, or some specialty products, as well as gas and solid residues, mostly in the form of pure carbon.

All oil products in this group are low Sulphur or Sulphur free!

The CC process, which takes place inside a specially designed DeACTOR® in a gas protected environment, offers a very different technological approach to conversion of organic waste into energy, which at the same time represents a completely new science in waste processing. This is not just a simple depolymerization process through a chemical reaction, but rather deactivation of the carbon molecules and their conversion to monomer, with help from the Pyrogenetic Waste Treatment®.

There is a rapidly growing category of waste in the world with a low calorific value, which usually end up in landfills. The CC Technology has been specifically develope to address this issue and to turn this vast category of waste into a commercially valuable product.

The CC process allows – for the first time in the world – for conversion of the most dirty, humid, useless and unwanted, even low calorific waste into energy, by totally avoiding incineration or landfilling. It can even be applied to process old waste, which has been buried for years, in order to eliminate existing garbage pits and to clean up the soil.

The result of the CC process is the production of propane/methane gas, which can be easily converted into heat/cold and/or electricity, plus some quantities of liquid fuel and solid residues, mainly pure carbon.

Global and dynamic development of the Seramat Commergy Group results mostly from strong competitive advantage of both in-house technologies, in comparison to all other solutions available in the world today.

Entrepreneurial Group Structure

The main entity in the bigger Seramat Commergy structure is the Swiss joint-stock company Seramat AG, established on May 4, 2011. This company owns all global rights to commercial applications of both CC and CCC Technologies. The Seramat Commergy group also incorporates the Bulgarian company BP Intech, playing a critical role of the in-house R&D center, led by Prof Dobromir Donkov.

The establishment of Commergy Seramat Group resulted from the strategic intention of Seramat AG, that Poland would be a global base for the next stages in the commercialization process of both CC and CCC Technologies. The consequence of the agreements worked out with Seramat by ANGELEO Investment House, its Polish partner, was development, over a period of time, of a number of group companies with distinguish business objectives:

responsible, under global exclusive rights, for the construction of production installations for all commercial applications of both CC and CCC Technologies;

with the right to global exclusivity for the commercial use of the CCC Technology in the production of gas and/or liquid fuels from hard coal and lignite;

with the right to local exclusivity (on the Polish market) for all commercial applications of the CCC Technology and with the conditional right to regional exclusivity for processing light fraction from all over Europe;

created by COMMERGY Waste as a special purpose vehicle to operate the very first production facility in Kutno;

with the right to exclusivity for the use of both CC and CCC Technologies to supply the international agriculture industry with specialty byproducts, including soil enrichment;

responsible, under exclusive rights, for the global commercialization of the CC Technology with its unique benefits.

Groundbreaking Growth Model

We are only interested in building commercial relationships with selected local partners by signing specific cooperation and/or service agreements.

It is our strategic intent to use both globally competitive technologies to establish a new form of tokenized ecological infrastructure, which will be used as a base for a new generation of saving products to address the rising problem of longevity funding.

Therefore, all future installation will be financed by unique medium to long-term bond tokens issued by Commergy 21, our regulated Swiss subsidiary (once fully registered), with use of the blockchain technology.

Waste processed by the Group, audited by location, type and volume, will be used to form the Global Impact Exchange, a digital market for Offset Certificates.

We aim to address the problem of environmental pollution by implementing the Positive Offset Programme and by creating a single global market to exchange benefits between polluters, technology inventors and investors, focused on environmental sustainability.

International Team Support

Global Radical Transformation

We need a wider array of smart public policies, a recycling infrastructure that’s right-sized for the problem, better processing technologies and new business models. We need fresh and effective approaches to address the major obstacle of recycling waste, especially plastics and mixed municipality waste.

Once these approaches are deployed at a large scale, we can start recapturing the economic value of waste, incentivizing their recovery and recycling, while minimizing pollution and overconsumption of natural resources.

We have to rework the concept of global growth and create an effective after-pollution green economy with tangible benefits for the local communities.

The mobility and scalability of installations offered by Commergy Seramat Group, combined with their incomparable commercial efficiency, allow for effective use of both in-house technologies in order to substantially reduce the problem of environmental pollution from difficult types of waste.

We are ready to help in moving the polluting industries into a positive spiral of value capture, stronger economics and better environmental outcomes.